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ACH Services

Simplify the customer payment process. Give customers the convenient option to have you debit a preauthorized amount from their bank account. When the payment date arrives, the funds will be automatically sent to your account. This direct debit service is a straightforward way to collect bill payments and donations. Several communication methods are available to transmit your ACH information, including BOSS and Direct Transmission. We will work with you to determine the method that is best for you.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Fast, easy and economical way to pay bills
  • Eliminates the need for postage and reduces check costs
  • Helps avoid late charges

Benefits for you

  • Immediate availability of incoming funds
  • Eliminates manual processing of checks and remittances
  • Improves cash flow forecasting
  • Reduces delinquencies
  • Enhances customer retention

    NACHA File Submission

    Recurring Customer Payments

    Debit Origination

    Cash Concentration

    Direct Debit

Accept Payments Onlinewith SmartPay

SmartPay is a online payment solution that enables you to accept payments from your customers quickly over the internet with a custom landing page with your logo and brand colors. Check out SmartPay.

Contact Merchant Card Services

Have questions or need more information on our Merchant Card services? Message us below or call a Relationship Manager at 1.800.FULTON.4.