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Our offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in observance of Juneteenth Freedom Day.

Fraud Prevention & Risk Management

A suite of sophisticated tools to help businesses prevent fraud

Payment fraud continues to be a major challenge for businesses regardless of size or industry. From enhancing safeguards for everyday transactions to strengthening international trade procedures, we are prepared to help you integrate new or improved safety measures. Together, we can implement innovative fraud prevention and risk management practices that prioritize optimal security and benefit both your business and your customers.

Prevent unauthorized ACH Debits with ACH Fraud Protection Services

Full ACH Debit Block
  • Designed for accounts that should not receive unauthorized ACH debits for any reason
Filtered ACH Debit Block
  • Designed for accounts that receive certain authorized ACH debits (for example, the Internal Revenue Service or an external payroll processor)
  • Provide us with a list of authorized ACH debit originators and their Company Identification Numbers (CIN)
  • Any CIN not on the approved list will be returned to the originating bank and will not post to your account
ACH Debit Block Reporting
  • Receive a report showing any "attempted and failed" ACH debits

Streamline your settlement process with Account Reconcilement Services

Partial Reconcilement
  • Receive electronic and paper listings of paid checks for the prior statement cycle
Full Reconcilement
  • Receive electronic and paper listings of both paid and unpaid checks by electronically transmitting your check issue information to us on a monthly basis
  • Additional reports and services are available to summarize other account activity
Deposit Reconcilement Services
  • If your organization makes deposits from multiple locations, this service provides you with a statement of deposits by location to aid in your reconcilement process
Implementation Expertise
  • Our experienced account reconcilement staff will work with you to provide a smooth transition
Check Imaging
  • Check imaging options allow you to easily reference, sort, print, and store check images

Maintain control of your disbursements with Check Fraud Protection

Positive Pay
  • Identify and prevent fraudulent check payments. Provide us with check issue information as checks are issued, and we will verify the information as checks clear our system to ensure authenticity.
Max Pay
  • Designed for accounts that do not generally issue checks for large dollar amounts, this service protects accounts against large dollar check fraud losses at minimal cost
  • Designate a maximum dollar amount - any check presented above the maximum dollar amount will not be automatically processed

Your Security is our business

Security is at the core of what we do. Let's get you up and running, free from worry. Connect with your local branch manager to get started.