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Healthcare Automated Receivables (MedARTM)

Discover the Key to Automation and Efficiency in Healthcare Finance

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is crucial for healthcare practices and institutions. With the ever-evolving technology, regulations, and financial shifts, your revenue cycle can face challenges. Our Healthcare Automated Receivables solution is designed to keep your operations running smoothly. By accelerating cash flow and automating repetitive tasks, we empower your revenue cycle team to focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional healthcare services.

We aim to take a digital first approach by providing a comprehensive view of your receivables through our online platform MedARTM that consolidates multiple payment channels into a single platform. MedARTM uses advanced optical character recognition to extract information, index documents, allows for built-in-workflows to manage exceptions and deploys robotic technologies to automate tasks.

Whether your business is a single practice or a large institution, we are prepared to tailor our solution to meet your specific needs.

Healthcare Automated Receivables (MEDAR)

Designed especially for healthcare - speed up your revenue cycle, get quicker access to funds, and choose from a wide range of payment channels.

Improve problem resolution and reporting with MedAR

MedARTM is a records and image-based web application that gives insight and oversight of your receivables. Realizing the importance around protecting healthcare information, our web interface offers advanced multi-factorial authentication at the time of login. In addition, any file transfer of protected health information is encrypted before transfer.

Through our web interface:

  • You can see the status of claims in real-time as they are being processed through our system
  • You can search your 7-year archive of claims processed on an array of data fields, such as payer, patient name, account number, check number and amount
  • You can work your denied claims through a standard operational workflow by assigning the denied claims to specific staff members
  • Our web reporting tool, which is a dynamic report writer, allows you to generate custom reports on-demand and download them in different file formats
  • The original Explanation of Benefits document can be viewed and is imaged
  • The document can also be viewed in a standardized readable form no matter what payer originated the document
  • We can index the many different types of documents that can accompany an Explanation of Benefits (correspondence) so that you can review them at a later time
  • As there can be many different types of documents that can accompany an Explanation of Benefits (correspondence), we can index these other documents so you can review them at a later time
  • We do not restrict the number of users that can have access

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