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Vault services

Secure solutions for handling large cash deposits.

If your business handles large amounts of cash transactions, our vault services solution can save you time and money. Vault services enables you to securely and efficiently deposit large volumes of cash and/or access the large cash supply that you need for your fast-paced business.


  • Traditional vault services
  • Online cash ordering
  • Online access to track deposits
  • Smart safe

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure cash handling is our number one priority. Our team coordinates with you and your contracted armored carrier to make deposits.

Enhanced Employee Safety

Vault services keeps managers and employees in the store, so there are no extra trips to bank or worrying about the personal security of your team.

Manage Costs

The cost of handling cash continues to rise. Vault services allows you to reduce transportation costs, handling losses, and labor costs.

Convenient Ordering

Convenient, 24-hour automated coin and currency order system – online or via telephone.

Secure Deposit Verification

You’ll receive credit for deposits made at one of our convenient vaults strategically located throughout our footprint. Your funds are verified using advanced counterfeit detection.

Customized Solutions

You get tailored solutions for your business with options including envelope processing, loose coin orders, check and mixed deposits, and order processing.


Let's create a secure solution for your business.

To learn more about vault services contact your Cash Management Sales Officer or Relationship Manager. Or call us at 1.800.385.8664 or message us below.